Cisco EPC3825: Quick guide to setup a wireless network

This modem is preinstalled by default, so that your wireless network is named by the last six (6) characters of the CM MAC address (bottom of the modem) and the pre-shared key (wireless password) is the serial number (S/N) from the bottom of the modem. So all you need to do, is to connect to your network and type in the serial number as the pre-shared key (password). In case the settings have been modified, you should do a factory reset by inserting a paper clip or needle inside the small reset hole on the backside of the modem. Keep the paper clip / needle pressed down for about 15-20 seconds and let go.

Cisco EPC3825 connection problems?

We’ve found out there have been a lot of connection stability issues, when the SPI Firewall is turned on. Most of the problems have been fixed after this functionality has been disabled. So here’s the quick guide for disabling the SPI Firewall.

1. Go to using your web browser (if it doesn’t work, try

2. Leave the username and password fields empty and log in (in case you haven’t changed the credentials).

3. Click “Security” and go to “Firewall”.

4. Select “Disable” from the “SPI Firewall” option and click “Save settings”.